About Us

You know that saying “when you stop looking for love, it finds you” well this is my true story about such thing. 

I spent a good part of my life building a different career path, worked on multiple successful and also failed business launches and moved across oceans to do some. Until one day in the midst of busy work hours, Wyld Blue, it found me and ever since then it's been an unfolding love story.

But let's rewind a bit.. so you can get the full lay of the land.

You can't hear it through this letter, but I'm an Australian, born and bred, who worked as a fashion stylist down under for a good part of a decade. It was a glamorous and hard as f$%k career, which one year took me to NYFW and I never turned back. New York City engulfed me in all the good ways. I was enamored by the bright lights, fast pace and wild energy. This was home now.

I left a successful career to start all over. And boy did I. Suddenly I was a guppy in the ocean.

Attempting styling, assisting, handing out my resume, and being rejected from jobs became my day to day reality. I hard launched two companies, one which never took off and the other which thrived. So I rode that wave right into a job offer as a Creative Director which relocated me from the big city to Montauk. My Surfer bestie/husband was thrilled.

One day when working on sourcing a space for an event, the landlord said – if you know anyone, the retail space next store is available too… I’ve always been one to take on more than I can chew, so mid another job and 8 months pregnant, I said “Great, I’ll take it”

I had never known or worked in retail my whole life, but for some reason I felt that it made sense. I could combine all the things I had learned in my past careers styling and knowing brands, curating a creative space, running a business and shopping - my real hidden talent.

I called my mum to tell her the news, and she said “well you should name it after the kids”. At the time I had my boy who was 2 years old, Rhythm Wyld and newborn girl, Baybi Blue.

And such, Wyld Blue was born. And it was a passionate love affair.  

For the first two years I was a man one show handling building, buying, selling, budgets, merchandizing, social, online and marketing – until I realized I hard burnt the candle to the wick. It was then that I decided to bring on a team, so we could expand. And just like that, year by year the business and then team grew even more.

Fast forward three years, we now have three incredible spaces in Aspen, Manhattan and Montauk. My team consists of powerful and ambitious female bad asses, who all live for the brand as much as I do. 

Wyld Blue has become more than just a retail space, it’s a lifestyle experience. Known for its neautral tones, delicious textures paired with luxury accessories. The stores are immersive and emotive. The events we host are decadent and we are so grateful for the support the community has shown us.

We launched Wyld Blue products sporadically in 2023, and are now working on a full collection to be previewed this summer of 2024.

We also plan to open two new locations before the year ends, and plenty more on the horizon – and so the love story continues. We thank you for being part of the whirlwind romance we call Wyld Blue.

Forever yours,

Sasha Benz